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Outside Advertising

Central Challenge Bulletin

Challenge #4: It's now September and a lot of people are starting back with school. Do you love it or loathe it? Show your answer through your work!

[All people who participate will have their submission put in the Challenges Folder.]

{Challenge is not a contest, you will not be judged for how good or how much effort you put into your piece. There are also no guidelines that your piece has to go by, hence the 'Challenge' part.}

Central's Artists For Hire

Artists around the Underground Central for hire. Please follow all guidelines provided by Artists. This is only to provide a list of Artists, consult with Artist to get a more detailed list of information if desired.

Note Zsenith003 If you would like to be added to this list, include a note of what kind of artist you primarily do. If you are running a promotion remember to include it to boost your sales!

Zsenith003 [Specializes in Sketch/Linework]
First-time Commissions are half price! Note for details.
Hello again everyone it's been about two days since the launch of the new folders for our gallery and I believe things are heading along pretty smoothly, minus the Mature folders which seem to want to act up, I'm looking into this issue already. I figure since the structure of the gallery has pretty much been rebuilt from the ground up its time to give some new explanation as to what the heck's going on to those who don't otherwise read journals.

So to start things off, here's the new folder line-up:

Outside Advertising:
Hooved Animals:
Lizards and Reptiles:
Mammals - Miscellaneous:
Multiple Characters:
Original Species:

That's the line up thus far, a few things are still pending; like whether we should just incorporate any deemed mature content into the regular folders. Utilizing the comments feature on submission process to eliminate the "Unsure" folder. As well as a few other things. These will be brought up within the near future with hopefully quick decision making to resolve our folder problems once and for all.

Folders Explained

Featured: As it's name implies the folder is meant for featured work, art that you prize or take highest value to. This folder has been off limits since the start of the group since I, the owner, have yet to decide on its official use. From here forward if you would like to have your work posted here you must note the group with a link to the work in question that you'd like to submit to the folder. We will submit the post to the folder ourselves and all you (the artist/original poster) have to do is verify that you want it posted. If we admins also see work that we like through regular submission or see that something should receive special recognition, the admins are also permitted to resubmit a work to the featured folder as well, the process is essentially the same.

Challenges Explained: This folder is meant to be used for work that's posted as per the challenges tab that is typically found on the Home Page. (If it should change we will make notice of it) The use of this folder was also meant for contests which we rarely hold, if either of the two become rarely used or not used at all the folder will simply be removed. Take some time and look through the challenges, it does change periodically. *New: If you would like to recommend an idea for a challenge note the group and we'll consider. Who knows, it might be a big hit!

Outside Advertising Explained: This folder was something new that started only a little while back, and until now has it been properly used. The use of this folder is pretty much for artists who draw for money pretty much. As much as we boost the group we also want to boost the artists in need, so why not have a folder specifically for them? Anything that has to do with advertising should go here, commission prices, open/closed status, promos etc. Stream/Patreons images are also allowed here.
*Note: Consider noting the group if you have a promotion going on, there is a block on the Home Page dedicated to the artists who are running promos for themselves, there's no limit to how many people are listed either.

Unsure Explained: This folder is here as a precautionary measure and may not be here permanently. This folder is not a submission folder, it is meant to be used in the event you don't know where your art belongs. I, or one of the other admins whoever gets to it first, will discuss the specifics with you on an image and after finishing will inform you on what folder it best fits in.

Canines Explained: This folder is made for anything that fits generally into the canine species. If a mod checks an image (on the premise that it doesn't look canine) and it says blatantly somewhere, that the character isn't canine; that would be the only reason for a resubmission of the image. *Note: -mimi's (characters that are human looking with canine characteristics such as ears, tail(s), hands or feet are welcome into this folder.

Felines Explained: This folder is made for anything that fits generally into the feline species. If a mod checks an image (on the premise that it doesn't look feline) and it says blatantly somewhere, that the character isn't feline; that would be the only reason for a resubmission of the image. *Note: -mimi's (characters that are human looking with feline characteristics such as ears, tail(s), hands or feet are welcome into this folder.

Hooved Animals Explained: This folder is made for anything that fits generally into those species who boast hooves over the traditional animal. *Note: Demons and -mimi's that have hooves and at least one other animal characteristic are allowed into this folder. If you are not sure you are welcome to submit to the unsure folder and talk to a mod about it (noting is also okay).

Aquatic Explained: This folder is made for anything that fits generally into the aquatic or marine species (simply put; animals that would survive or spend the large majority of time in water). Further explanation will be available after talking to the other admins on this folder.

Avians Explained: This folder is made for anything that fits generally into the avian species (simply put; if it has wings and no other outstanding species mixed in, it goes here). Dinosaurs that have otherwise evolved into avians, as per their time period, should go to the reptile folder. *Note: humans that have wings and at least one other bird like quality are welcome here. Humans that have wings in place of arms are the only exclusion to this rule; Example.

Lizards and Reptiles Explained: This folder is made for anything that fits generally into those species who typically own scales. *Note: Dinosaurs of any kind should go here. Humans with species like qualities and skin abnormalities(scale growth basically) are welcome here.

Insects Explained: This folder is made for anything that fits generally into a class of insect species. *Note: Humans that show insect like qualities; multiple arms, legs or eyes, an extra abdomen, and antennae are welcome here. Submit to Unsure folder if desired.

Mammals - Miscellaneous Explained: If the character/creature in your submission doesn't fit into any of the other folders then chances are it goes here. Any images of humans with species modifications are allowed here. As we are trying to convert to a Furry/Anthro only group, no regular humans may be submitted, thank you for your understanding.

Hybrids Explained: This folder is for characters and creatures that are mixed with at least two different kinds of species. Lone multi-species characters are allowed here as long as the mix is something of the known world. Humans mixed with multiple species are not allowed here, for this type of mix you must submit to the original species folder.

Multiple Characters Explained: This folder is, as its name implies for images of multiple characters or characters and creatures, the minimum number being two(2) of course. Regular humans may be submitted here as long as the second character is Not a feral character(basically an anthro and a human together).

Original Species Explained: This folder is for any character or creature that has no known information or existence in the world OR is a creation of your own. Humans that don't otherwise fit into another category but still exhibit an unknown trait of any kind cannot be submitted here, no matter how unique.

Mature Explained: This folder is as its name suggests, for any posts that contain otherwise mature or some adult material. As per DA's regulations, we do not accept any work that displays any level of sexual act (Any that have made it through since this edit will be removed of course). Censored works that involve sexual acts will also be declined, since I, the owner don't like to see an artist have to censor their work. If a censor is clever enough or works WITH the image well enough it may be permitted through but not otherwise. *Note: This folder may not be permanent, so if you have work that is submitted here, should we decide on the removal, this time around the art will be moved into acceptable folders IF we mods can figure out what goes where.

That takes care of the folder explanations, now to move on to general acceptance as there are some things that of course were not explained through the folders themselves.
-As mentioned in a few folder explanations; there really won't be much reason to re-submit a folder. We're relying more on you, the poster, to know where your art goes. After all you know your work better than anyone. The only reason we haven't gone straight to Auto-Acceptance is to make sure we can filter out posts from people who have ill intentions pretty much, posting art that doesn't really promote skill or appreciation to the fandom.

-Mature Folder, Explained further: Until its written in stone that the mature folder remains a constant, images for females that show breasts and nipples do NOT have to posted to the mature folder. Only images that show the genetalia; bare crotch shots, are required to be posted here.

-Comics are still allowed, depending on the content they follow the same guidelines as the folders, if there's more than one character but the species is the same it goes to that species folder, if there are multiple species it goes to multiple characters.

-Transformation images will probably have the most difficulty finding a home here as the character goes from one species to another. Sequential images that are all in the same picture may go to the multiple characters and I won't argue with that, sequences that are separate images should follow regular folder guidelines. For example: a cat anthro to a bird anthro. The starting image would be just the cat and go to felines, each transition or change applied no matter how small should go into hybrids, and the end result should go to avians. Different scenarios have different results so if you aren't sure of course, just post into the unsure folder or the folder Best fit for the image.

-Images without characters, while I don't want to flat out deny them, I will discuss this further with the other admins to decide on what to do with these.

For now, this should be your reference on where to post, what goes where and what does or does not qualify. If you are confused about anything, big or small, not the group and I will return your message with clarification.
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